My Documentary – The Resurrection of Christchurch – Plays Tues Night on HDnet WorldReport

This road near Darfield, NZ, was straight and level before a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake on Sept. 4, 2010

By Carolyn Moreau
My hometown – Christchurch, NZ – has endured more than 10,000 earthquakes since September, 2010. Earlier this year, I packed my video gear and went back to see what has become of the city I grew up in. I had to get special permission from the authorities to tour the devastated downtown area and toured it in the back of a pickup truck. Once inside this closed-off zone, I hardly recognized what should have been familiar streets. Thousands of residents, including some of my closest friends from childhood, are packing up and leaving the city. In many cases, they are giving up on New Zealand altogether.

But despite the heartbreak of seeing beloved old buildings collapsed or torn down, and friends give up on the city where they had spent their entire lives, I got the sense that Christchurch will rebuild itself into something extraordinary. My 22-minute documentary “The Resurrection of Christchurch” screens Tuesday night on HDnet WorldReport.

Here’s a preview:

6 Responses to “My Documentary – The Resurrection of Christchurch – Plays Tues Night on HDnet WorldReport”

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  2. Your trailer shows your strong storytelling skills. I’d love to see the whole film.
    It’s hard to imagine living in a place with such strong seismic activity. Good call to “parachute” in to a place you have first hand knowledge about.
    You and Michael have an awesome website – keep up the good work!
    Tony Bacewicz

    • Carolyn Moreau says:

      Thanks Tony. Great to hear from you. I’ll try to work out a way to show the whole film as a few people have asked.

  3. I really would like to see th rest of this.
    Ros is so engaging and funny despite the story she tells.

    Thanks for recording this for us.

    • Carolyn Moreau says:

      Roz is awesome. She was a terrific documentary subject, even though I was showing a camera in her face at a very stressful time. I felt bad about that. I’ll try to work out how to my film online as others are asking. Thanks for your comment Maria.

  4. Carole Soole says:

    It was great, and I would also love to see the whole documentary. Keep up the good work.
    Carole Soole

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